Transcoma (Transportes y Consignaciones Marítimas) is dedicated to the consignment of cargo ships, providing service in eastern Mediterranean, northern Europe, northern and eastern Africa.

Always under the motto of "getting to achieve excellence through the services we offer in a comprehensive and transparent way", Transcoma is constantly looking to improve operational procedures by offering efficient solutions in services and costs.


Non-regular lines consignment.


Consignment of
regular lines container ships.

Car Carrier

Consignment of regular line vessels with rolled cargo, especially cars, trucks and H&H.

Project Cargo

Handling and transport of oversized and heavy cargo.

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  Carrer de l'Atlàntic, 112-120 ZAL Port - 08040 Barcelona (SPAIN)
 +34 932 624 170  

Based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Hamilton y Cía is a maritime consignment company with more than 180 years operating in the maritime sector, specialized in the offshore industry. Other services offered are: port dispatch, port agency, piloting, mooring / disassembly, tugboat requirements, stow and cargo operation for supply vessels, handling of containers, cranes, forklifts, trucks, among others. 

The company also have offices in Houston and Brownsville, USA, offering Offshore and consignment services in the ports of that area, especially in the Gulf of Mexico.


Repair and maintenance of oil rigs and prospecting vessels

Cruise Division

Transit and turn-around operations of the cruise companies operating in the archipelago


Consignment of vessels on behalf of shippers or owners

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  Avenida de las Petrolíferas, s/n - 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas (SPAIN)
 +34 928 463 062

A team of cruise specialists provide 360º services to the cruise industry with a proven reputation of more than 25 years of experience handling the most successful operations, from regular port calls to complex logistics projects. 

Covering all the ports in the spanish peninsula and the Canary Islands, and also t he american ports, through the Miami's (USA) office.


Tours and excursions for passengers

Ground Services

For passengers and crew

Port Agency

Consignment of the cruise ship on their stopover

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  Carrer de l'Atlàntic, 112-120 ZAL Port - 08040 Barcelona (SPAIN)
 +34 933 442 500

Dynamic Fuels is a global bunker trading and brokering company, primarily focused on marine fuels, lubricants, chemicals and welding gases. Managing the purchase of the products for our clients and coordinating the supply with all parties involved in the delivery for a smooth operation, Dynamic Fuels provide price in planned and alternative ports looking for the best option for the clients.

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  Calle General Díaz Porlier, 1 - 5th Floor - 28001 Madrid (SPAIN)
 +34 911 595 016        

Mermaid Ship Services offer auxiliar services to the consigned vessels in port, such as crew assistance, documentation and medical services management, technical assistance, support boat for repairs, logistics services, receiving and handling of goods, rental of specific machinery or  tools, security services, among others.

Mermaid provides innovative and simple global maritime services to the shipping industry through extensive experience in Spain and spread presence in UK, USA, Middle East, China and India. 

A team of professionals focused on delivering exceptional customer service, costs savings and operational efficiency.

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  Carrer de l'Atlàntic, 112-120 ZAL Port - 08040 Barcelona (SPAIN)
 +34 932 624 170 Ext. 2130    

Betraver offer business travel services and sale of tourist travel packages, specialized in the commercialization of its own and customized experience packages. Managing the processing of flights, visas, and hotels in any place of the world, also with the possibility of charter flights.

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   Carrer de l'Atlàntic, 112-120 ZAL Port - 08040 Barcelona  (SPAIN)
 +34 933 422 506    

Medatlantic Management, S.L. is a company with a solid experience in the national and international transport of all kind of cargo, as well as in carrying out customs procedures. Located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Medatlantic has years of experience transporting goods to any point in Spain and the world, guaranteeing a fast, punctual and effective service.

Custom Agency

Import / Export

Land Transport



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  Calle Ferreras, 24, 1st Floor - 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas (SPAIN)
 +34 928 461 097  

ANT is a logistics operator that offers third-party logistics solutions, specialised in the storing and handling of dangerous goods. Strategically located, just 3 kms from Gibraltar and 10 kms from Algeciras, provides a competitive advantage and dynamism for the delivery of goods and services. The staff is formed by experienced professionals with backgrounds working with ship-owners, survey companies, ships forwarders and varios logistics agencies. 

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  P.I. Campamento , Ave. Sevilla s/n, Units B/C - 11360 San Roque, Cádiz  (SPAIN)
 +34 956 645 179 

Other Group Companies

Dedicated to the supply of Canarian products and provisions to ships, cruise ships, platforms and the rest of maritime vessels in the Canary islands and ports, carrying out operations even beyond the Canary archipelago.

Project Management Organization for the Offshore sector, with the utmost focus on providing a strong transparent management reporting structure, health, safety, and environmental culture along with the stringent and strict financial discipline that the industry demands.

Norsur gather a qualified technical team trained in numerical control machinery  and graphic design programs in naval  and industrial construction.

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  Av. de las Petrolíferas, s/n
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (SPAIN)

  +34 696 911 715   

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 Tramo Sur Dique Reina Sofía, s/n
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (SPAIN)

 +34 696 942 813

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  P.I. Palmones II, Calle Velero Nº22
11379 Los Barrios, Cádiz (SPAIN)

  +34 933 442 500